Thursday, April 15, 2021 Session

12:00pm EST

Making It Happen: Part Two

A proposal for providing affordable, high-quality, on-demand mobility for all in the Trentons of this world

Professor, Princeton University


Alain Kornhauser
Professor, Princeton University

Michael Sena
President, Michael L. Sena Consulting AB

Producer: Russ Mitchell, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times


Russ Mitchell covers the rapidly changing global auto industry for the Los Angeles Times, with special emphasis on California, including Tesla, electric vehicles, and driverless cars, and auto safety. The Los Angeles Times’ former technology editor, he’s worked on staff at publications ranging from Business Week to Wired. A graduate of the University of Illinois, he also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Vannevar Bush Fellow.

Moderator: Alain Kornhauser, Professor, Princeton University


Alain Kornhauser is a Professor in the Department of Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton University, where he is also the Director of the Transportation Research Program and Faculty Chair of Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (PAVE). Prof. Kornhauser is also the Founder of Princeton University Coalition for Automated Road Transportation Safety (CARTS).

In addition to teaching classes on Transportation Systems Analysis, Electronic Commerce, to name a few, and acting as the ORFE Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Kornhauser is the Chair and Organizer of the SmartDrivingCar initiative. Prof. Kornhauser earned a Ph.D. in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University

Panelist: Michael Sena, President, Michael L. Sena Consulting AB