6th SmartDrivingCars Summit

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6th  SmartDrivingCars Summit

May 29 (evening)–May 31, 2024 in Princeton, NJ

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We promise civil and lively discussions as to how to improve the Quality-of-Life (QoL) for many while disrupting the QoL to as few as possible.

6th SmartDrivingCars Summit Topic Matrix


Proof of
Concept & Technology

Proof of

Proof of
Policy / People / Politics

Advanced Driver-Assistance System

(For those who give themselves a RIDE)

  • Latest updates and achievements on ADAS Systems; Human-machine Interactions; Driver Engagement
  • The Business Proposition for Safe-driving Cars
  • Making Insurance / Liabilities / Driving Policies for ADAS

Driverless Mobility-as-a-Service

(For those who need a RIDE)

  • How Close are We to real Driverless Technology?
  • The State of AV Deployments (US, Europe, China)
  • Latest Achievements on AV Safety
  • Finding the Product Market Fit for Driverless Mobility
  • Optimal Operational Design Domains for Driverless Mobility
  • Policy Challenges for Driverless Mobility
  • What did Arizona/California do right/wrong?
  • The Role of Local Politics and Community Engagement

Automated freight and logistics

(For those that give goods a RIDE)

  • Can Human Drivers be Removed from the Driver's Seat?
  • Solving the last "10 miles", "1 mile", and "50 feet" of automated delivery
  • The Value Propositions for Robotic Freight Hauling
  • Making Policies for Robotic Hauling
  • Workforce Development for Automated Logistics

Giving Oneself a Ride

  • Latest on ADAS Safety, Functionality, Regulation and potential Collaboration (Given anti-trust relaxation)   

Getting a Driverless Ride

  • By people and goods using public roads
    • “Proof-of-Concept” (Safety Update and Last "50 feet" delivery concepts )
    • "Proof-of-Market” (Arizona, California, Texas, ...  rural & beyond)
    • “Proof-of-Politics” (Regulation + Opportunities for Collaboration given anti-trust relaxation.)
  • By people and goods on private property.
    • “Proof-of-Concept” (Safety Update)
    • "Proof-of-Market” ( Return-on-Investment (RoI) focus on Private "ways", Manufacturing, Ports, Terminals, Warehouses, Mining, Farms)
    • “Proof-of-Politics” (OSHA, Unions )


  • MOVES – Style Deployments “anywhere”.  (See Example)
  • Design, Analysis, Simulation, Animation & Business Case