The Program

6th SmartDrivingCars Summit Topic Matrix


Proof of
Concept & Technology

Proof of

Proof of
Policy / People / Politics

Advanced Driver-Assistance System

(For those who give themselves a RIDE)

  • Latest updates and achievements on ADAS Systems; Human-machine Interactions; Driver Engagement
  • The Business Proposition for Safe-driving Cars
  • Making Insurance / Liabilities / Driving Policies for ADAS

Driverless Mobility-as-a-Service

(For those who need a RIDE)

  • How Close are We to real Driverless Technology?
  • The State of AV Deployments (US, Europe, China)
  • Latest Achievements on AV Safety
  • Finding the Product Market Fit for Driverless Mobility
  • Optimal Operational Design Domains for Driverless Mobility
  • Policy Challenges for Driverless Mobility
  • What did Arizona/California do right/wrong?
  • The Role of Local Politics and Community Engagement

Automated freight and logistics

(For those that give goods a RIDE)

  • Can Human Drivers be Removed from the Driver's Seat?
  • Solving the last "10 miles", "1 mile", and "50 feet" of automated delivery
  • The Value Propositions for Robotic Freight Hauling
  • Making Policies for Robotic Hauling
  • Workforce Development for Automated Logistics
8:00 am8:30 am
8:30 am8:40 am
Welcoming Remarks
Alain Kornhauser
Princeton University
Camille Kamga
UTRC and SEMPACT (Region 2 UTC)
8:40 am9:10 am
Keynote: The Big Picture
Current State, Challenges, and Future Outlook of AVs
9:10 am9:30 am
9:50 am10:10 am
10:10 am10:30 am
All day
10:30 am12:00 pm
Deep Dive: Technical Update, Business Propositions, and Policy Landscape for ADAS in 2024
Proof of Concept + Market + Politics
ADAS' achievements in Reducing Deaths and Injuries; The Business Proposition for Safe Mobility; Making Policies for Partially Automated Systems.




12:20 pm1:30 pm
Lunch Fireside Chat: Safety Achievements in ADAS and Driverless Mobility

ADAS (for those who drive themselves) and Driverless MaaS are two orthogonal lineages of businesses for SmartDrivingCars. This fireside chat with two leading entities of ADAS and Driverless technologies aims to use numbers and facts to compare head-to-head the latest safety achievements…

1:20 pm2:50 pm
Deep Dive: The State of Computer-Chauffeured Mobility in 2024
Proof of Concept + Market + Politics
How Close are We to Real Driverless Technology ?  The Business Proposition for Affordable, Driverless Mobility How Could Regulators and the Society Make Policies for Driverless Mobility?  




Matthew W. Daus
Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP
Stephen E. Still
University at Buffalo
3:00 pm4:30 pm
Deep Dive: Automated Movement of Freight and Goods
Proof of Concept + Market + Politics




8:40 am9:00 am
Europe Update

Speaker: Adriano Alessandrini (Università di Firenze), Invited

Adriano Alessandrini
University of Florence
9:00 am9:20 am
9:20 am9:40 am
A View from the Investor Community

Views on SmartDrivingCars from a prominent investor

All day
12:30 pm1:20 pm
Lunch Plenary (What governments can do NOW to make automated driving successful for society)
Moderator: Bryant Walker Smith

View from White House, Congress and State Government Representatives

Diana Furchtgott-Roth
The George Washington University