Alex Roy

Principal & Co-Founder
Johnson & Roy

Former self-driving technology executive, automotive journalist and race driver, Alex Roy is best known for leading the first team in 23 years to break the Cannonball Run driving record, crossing the USA in 31 hours and 4 minutes. He has also broken the EV record 3 times, and still holds the Tesla Autopilot and 3-wheeled ICE records, the latter in a Morgan 3-Wheeler.

Alex is also co-founder of the Autonocast and The Drive, founder of the Human Driving Association, author of The Driver, producer of APEX: The Secret Race Across America, and Chairman Emeritus of The Moth storytelling series.

As Director of Special Operations at Argo.AI, Roy pioneered concepts like Universal Basic Mobility and Roy’s Razor—the litmus test for autonomous systems.

Roy has written for Bloomberg, Road & Track, and Jalopnik, has appeared on CNN, NBC, Fox News, Cheddar, and TF1, and has spoken at the FBI, SXSW, TedX, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon.

Alex lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Past Events

Deep Dive: Scaling Autonomous Mobility to Give Rides for Communities
Proof of Concept + Market + Politics
Fri, May 31, 2024, 1:30 pm