County Executive Dan Benson

County Executive
Mercer County, NJ

In January 2024, Dan Benson was sworn into the role of Mercer County Executive with a mission to unite our community. His vision is about progress and inclusivity, bringing fresh ideas and innovation to county government while ensuring we have leadership that works for everyone. 

In Mercer County, if you have a good idea that can help people, he would like to hear it. The Benson administration will work tirelessly to make sure everyone has a seat at the table. 

As the Capital County of New Jersey, Mercer County boasts a rich history, ample opportunities, a diverse economy, and a welcoming environment to raise a family. Positioned between the vibrant New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, residents enjoy the best of both worlds – rural, suburban, or urban living.

Recognizing the challenges ahead, County Executive Benson has a clear set of priorities to rejuvenate our county. These include restoring the county's financial stability, putting an end to wasteful spending, and bringing accountability and transparency to county government.

Moreover, Benson is passionate about advocating for seniors, ensuring quality services are accessible, enhancing community services, promoting affordable and accessible housing, fixing our infrastructure, roads, bridges, and finally realizing the long-awaited new Airport Terminal replacement at Trenton-Mercer Airport.

Benson also emphasizes the importance of addressing mental health and substance abuse with compassion, making our community safer and healthier. He envisions the revitalization of Trenton through increased tourism of historic areas and creating opportunities for economic development.

Recognizing that success is a collective effort, Benson is committed to collaboration. Regular engagement with local elected officials, including Mayors and County Commissioners, is a top priority. He aims to strengthen relationships with state and congressional representatives, in order to secure additional resources for the county.

With a clear vision and strong leadership, he believes Mercer County can become an example for the entire state.

Committed to progress, Benson's administration is dedicated to advancing Mercer County by bolstering the economy, capitalizing on our assets, and enhancing our quality of life. Collaboration, innovation, and transparency are the guiding principles to achieve these goals. Working together, Mercer County is poised for success under County Executive Benson's leadership.


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